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Transformer oil purificaiton

Transformer oilregeneration system The increase in renewable energy production and the growth in the rating requirements for modern transformers generates a more demanding operating environment for the insulating materials. Especially, transformer must deal with greater stresses than in the past. Thus, the components in the transformers of today will need to be at their optimum working conditions to ensure the equipment's protection.

Recycling transformer oil - The transformer oils in the current transformers will need to maintain their optimal working conditions to ensure the safety of the gear. Using our transformer oil regeneration equipment provides you with the all the benefits of our best-in-class EOK oil purification technology and the added power of the TORS regeneration columns. All our systems are made in Germany and powered by German Engineering to provide you with the highest quality possible.

Transformer oil acidity removal - Utility businesses always have to keep their eucalyptus oil, so that it gets the ideal dielectric strength, low residual water content, low acidity, low IFT without a sulphur.

Transformer oil treatment - The transformer oil deteriorates over time since it pulls in moisture and changes its chemical structure. The insulating fluid touch base with oxygen and water as air slowly leaks during its lifetime.

Transformer oil purification system - Transformer insulating oil grade is the key to high transformer performance. The oils of the present and prospective transformers have to satisfy the highest standards regarding purity and quality to perform at their greatest level of efficiency. During performance, the fluids have to act both as a successful coolant and dielectric material. Employing the right insulation with the properties that are Appropriate isalso, therefore, an essential part of the transformer business

Transformer oil filtration system -The usage of all HERING EOK Transformer oil purifying plants enhances the properties properties of the transformer insulation by reducing the water content inside the fluids and substances. Additionally, our EOK Series can carry out an oil degasification and eliminate the acids. This generates better acting transformer insulating material and, consequently, builds the foundation for advanced transformer performance

Transformer oil purifier - The standard purification plant is generally outfitted with oil filters, oil pumps, an oil heater, a vacuum pump and the degassing tank. By lowering the pressure the use of this vacuum process causes a decrease of the point. In order to evaporate water within the liquid, the oil heats up. The vacuum procedure plays with a degasification of this transformer oil. Other contaminations are eliminated using a filter method

Transformer drying oven The HERING Drying Series vacuum transformer drying ovens concentrate on bringing down the drying time of your transformers by mixing the most effective state-of-the-art technologies for the advantage of your own operations.

Transformer preventive maintenance
Deterioration is mainly due to contamination, overheating, electrical stress, and oxidation. There are two main mechanisms occurring in the transformer oil during operation which cause deterioration.

Transformer drying chamber - The complete drying plants are divided in sub modules. Each module, e.g. warming station or kerosene channel, is completely trashed, Wired and pre-tested within our workshop. Great WordPress theme with a easy And installation of the plant. Furthermore, the clients have the Opportunity to set up the comprehensive plant.

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